What Sets Us Apart

Unique Smiles for Unique People

At Kaplan Orthodontics, we enjoy getting to know the person behind the smile. Dr. Lorin Kaplan and our team will take the time to discover who you are. We want to build a relationship and learn what’s important in your life. The better we understand your goals, concerns, and pastimes, the better Dr. Kaplan can tailor your treatment plan.

Our mission is simple: to provide you with the finest orthodontic care in a warm, comforting, positive, fun, and friendly environment. We’ve created an office where you are the top priority. We want you to achieve a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles and are honored to help you on that path.

Advanced Care for Your New Smile

We believe you deserve the highest quality of clinical care while developing your new smile. We also believe you deserve customer care that’s responsive, helpful, and supportive. It’s important to all of us that you enjoy every step of your smile’s transformation, starting with your first call!

One Doctor, One Focus – Dr. Kaplan is a hands-on orthodontist and will see you at every appointment. Patients and parents are updated at every visit and have plenty of time to ask questions, too.

Leading-Edge Orthodontics – Ours is a high-tech office, where we use advanced technology and techniques that are gentle and effective, and shorten treatment times.

Individualized Treatment Plans – You are an individual with your own dentition, goals, and hobbies. You deserve an orthodontic experience that’s tailored specifically to you. Because we offer a range of orthodontic options, Dr. Kaplan is able to find the perfect approach for you!

Conservative Care – Whenever possible, Dr. Kaplan prefers a conservative, non-extraction approach. This creates the most aesthetic, natural smiles and healthy bites, as well as a positive orthodontic experience. We focus on providing the right care at the right time.

Dental Hygiene Education – It’s important that you understand why you need to take control of your oral hygiene and have the skills and tools to do so. Throughout your treatment, we’ll help you develop exceptional dental hygiene habits. This will ensure you keep your finished smile in great shape for the rest of your life!

Commitment to Continuing Education – It’s essential we remain current on advances in orthodontics and oral healthcare. Dr. Kaplan and our team are committed to remaining at the forefront of changes in orthodontics. Throughout the year, we complete many continuing education courses and attend conferences to strengthen our skills and expand our knowledge.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Before starting treatment, you need to understand your clinical situation and the available options to shift your teeth into proper alignment. We invite you to call Kaplan Orthodontics, in San Rafael, CA, and schedule a complimentary consultation.

At your consultation, you’ll tour the office, meet our team and Dr. Kaplan, and receive an exam. Based on what he finds during the exam, and what he learns from talking with you, Dr. Kaplan will create your treatment plan. We’ll review the plan with you, and explain what’s involved, what to expect, and all the alternatives.

We’ll also talk about financing options to find terms that work with your budget. We want you to make an educated decision about your future smile.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our practice and start you on the path to a lifetime of beautifully healthy and confident smiles!

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